The Dangers a Dead Tree Poses


Have a dead tree on your property that you have been thinking of removing? Do not wait any longer and hire a tree removal company to take down that tree as soon as possible.

Dead trees can become quite the hazard especially if they have suffered much decay for an extended period of time. A tree is defined as a “dead tree” when there is no foliage and new branches visibly growing. Another characteristic of a dead tree is dry/brittle bark. Dead trees lack moisture in their root system, therefore they no longer are receiving nutrients.
They become a danger as they grow weaker and weaker over time. When dead trees no longer have enough support in their root system to keep them implanted in the soil, they will shed branches/limbs or just fall over.

The dangers a dead tree poses are many. Here are a few:

  1. Injury or death to a person: Because dead trees are weak/brittle, they will collapse at some time. Before collapsing a tree may shed large enough tree limbs that can fall onto a pedestrian, causing injury or death.
  2. Power outages/ Damages to power lines: Because of a trees susceptibility to breakages, tree limbs can break off and land on power lines. If they are heavy enough, the limbs can weigh down the wires, causing them to snap and power loss for multiple homes in your area.
  3. Property damages: A large/heavy enough tree can fall onto your home causing roof and structural damages that can amount to thousands of dollars in repairs.

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