Competition Among Tree Companies


We all know that in today’s economy, everyone is looking for the “right price” when it comes to their home improvement needs. Homeowners are trying to budget and at the same time, keep their home’s visual appeal high. However, it is very important that homeowners do their research when it comes to hiring a professional Washington State tree service company.

Many times, tree companies will find themselves in competition with one another for work. But, it is the homeowner who will ultimately make the decision. Before choosing the company that offers the cheapest price on tree removal, tree pruning, stump removal, or whichever service you may be requesting, be sure to do your research. A homeowner should ask the companies quoting their project for proof of a home improvement/ landscaping license, proof of insurance coverage (liability, disability, and workers’ compensation), and a quote in writing. These three things are very important as any professional company should be able to provide, therefore, those who cannot are NOT the right choice. For example, Tree Cowboys has seen it time and time again, where homeowners hire one professional to perform the tree services requested, but the tree company does not have the proper equipment. Our company never has this issue because we have made it a priority to own modern day equipment that is most useful in the most dangerous and/or difficult projects (i.e. removing a tree off the home).

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