The Dangers a Dead Tree Poses


Have a dead tree on your property that you have been thinking of removing? Do not wait any longer and hire a tree removal company to take down that tree as soon as possible.

Dead trees can become quite the hazard especially if they have suffered much decay for an extended period of time. A tree is defined as a “dead tree” when there is no foliage and new branches visibly growing. Another characteristic of a dead tree is dry/brittle bark. Dead trees lack moisture in their root system, therefore they no longer are receiving nutrients.
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Competition Among Tree Companies


We all know that in today’s economy, everyone is looking for the “right price” when it comes to their home improvement needs. Homeowners are trying to budget and at the same time, keep their home’s visual appeal high. However, it is very important that homeowners do their research when it comes to hiring a professional Washington State tree service company.
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